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Don’t Let Me Stay, on Lakeshore Records.


What they are saying:


It is a gem of a pop record, rich in melodies and harmonies, embroidered tastefully with strings, guitars, horns, keyboards, the occasional mandolin. It rocks hard and sways gently. It is softly lit in some places, bright and brash in others. — Timothy Finn, Kansas City Star

The 12 tracks on Don’t Let Me Stay coil around the intricacies that are possible when the investment into your work comes at a level of detail so concentrated that instruments are removed and added even though the change may be wholly unnoticed by a large number of the listeners. — Greg Stitt, Riot on the Plaza Reviews

Listen to “Bloodline” for an example of how horns and rock ‘n’ roll should go together.  Fans of earnest, heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll will find the album easily accessible, but there are enough sonic left turns to keep the record appealing for the indie set as well. — J. Howell, INK Magazine

Listen to some of the pre-release tracks from the record:

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